Address verification:

The locality, the reputation, social status and popularity of the candidate is examined by a personal visit to the candidate's address.

Educational Verification:

We verify the accuracy of educational information provided by the candidate, that he status to have completed. This prevents the hiring of unskilled or not qualified candidates for the job. We specialize in checking and getting documents verified by the academic officials to curb fake documents and give time for the HR to take the appropriate action.

Employment Verification:

Candidate's tend to forge documents for better prospects tampering experience letter, salary slip, skill set and reason for leaving. We verify from the employers the basic details of employment along with his professional strengths and weaknesses.

Professional Reference Checks:

We verify details of the candidate's professional ethics towards work which include his integrity, interpersonal skills, capabilities etc. from the professional references provided by the candidate.

Criminal Record Check:

To verify any past or present conviction or indulgence in criminal activity by the candidate. Records checked with the police station in jurisdiction to the candidate's address.

Drug Abuse Check:

To verify the addiction of the candidate to drugs through partnered diagnostic center and report provided to the client.

Media and Online Searches:

To check the media and websites for reports linking any candidate of criminal activity that does not get registered by police or Court.

Client based checks:

We provide certain checks as per the requirement of our clients.